Version 2017.5

In this may update we've focused on managing your files and using various forms of media on your website. Here's what we've added and improved:

  • Audio element. Sometimes you just want to share your favourite song or playlist, or a recording of one of your workshops to include in your blog. Witht he new Audio element you can easily share songs and playlists from Spotify and Soundcloud, or add your own files easily.
  • Video element. To make embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo easier, we've also added a Video element. You can even add your own video files, though that does require a bit more know how.
  • Alt tags for all images. No more hassle with forgotten alt tags, you can now give images an alt tag right from the file manager. We also highlight the images that don't have an alt tag yet, so you have an easy overview.
  • Improved file manager. Besides the alt tags we've improved much more in the file manager. For starters, try to drag a file into a folder from your computer to upload it.
  • New Images & Links elements. Both the Images and Links elements have been given a make over, making them simpler and clearer.

Version 2017.4

  • Blogs are now Collections. To make room for more types of collections, we've renamed the Blogs section to Collections. This way we can better meet your needs in the future.
  • Improved overview for Collections. We've updated the interface to be much clearer about what is what. We think you'll appreciate the change.
  • Improved page and file management. Both the page and file management overviews have been given a make-over. They look a lot better and are much more compact so you can manage more content more easily.
  • Video element. To make embedding videos from Youtube and Vimeo easier we've added the Video element. Simply paste the URL of the video you want to embed and we'll handle the rest.

Version 2017.3

This early april update is mainly aimed at speed and stability, here's what we changed:

  • Emoji's ??. We've added support for emoji's, use them wherever you feel like.
  • Layout editing mode. This feature is making a comeback, you can find it right next to the preview button in the menubar. Click it to activate and again to disable.
  • Speed improvements. We're taking a bit more care of our servers in this update so they can push out pages even faster again.
  • And of course a few minor issues you probably never even noticed.

Version 2017.2

New theme

The contrast with your website is much bigger allowing more of your attention to be drawn to your website. 

Manage pages from the menu

Where the mode switch between view, edit and layout modes used to be the page toolbar now resides. We've simplified the modes by merging the edit and layout modes into edit mode.

The page toolbar contains stuff like:

  • Title, status and availability of the current page
  • When a page is saved as concept you can publish or schedule it from the page itself
  • Blogs have the option to add a new post directly from the overview page
  • Blog posts show which blog they belong to and let you navigate back to the overview quickly
  • The view button to look at the page like a visitor would see it

Refreshed view mode

New about the view mode is the ability to switch between not only desktop but also tablet and mobile previews. This is meant as an indication, because actual screen sizes and software can be different from device to device.

Page flow improvements

This update mainly tries to improve the flow of how you create and edit pages. An example of this is how you can now create a new page:

  1. Save a new page as concept
  2. Easily click through to your new page and fill it
  3. May be ask a colleage for feedback without having the page visible for visitors.
  4. Publish (or schedule) the page directly the page itself

Version 2017.1

The February update is mostly aimed at under the hood changes to build new features upon later in the year. There are of course a few changes very much worth mentioning:

  • See who last changed an element. The Images and Text elements now show who, and when, changed the content last. Convenient when trying to figure out who made changes.
  • Assign segments to new Bulletin subscriptions. You can now configure the Bulletin element to automatically assign segments to new subscribers.
  • Lastly there are a few bugfixes to make your FifthGear experience much smoother.

Version 2017.0

In the Januari update we've made settings that were previously only available to developers easily adjustable.

  • Fully refreshed settings panel
  • Add redirects. Set up redirects to from an internal URL to another internal URL or an external URL.
  • New integrations. Easily set up your website for, among others, Facebook PageInsights and Google Analytics.
  • Set a password. If you don't want everyone to be able to access a page, or even your entire website, you can now configure a password for that. 

Version 2016.11

  • Change templates. You can now easily change the template of an element from the edit mode. Click the magic wand icon, next to the edit icon, to access the available templates, over over a template to see a preview and click to select the template you like best.
  • Change author & publication date of blog posts. You can now change the publication date and the author of blog posts. This means you can publish a post written by someone else, and schedule posts to be published sometime in the future.
  • Export form answers. The filled out answers in Form elements can now be easily exported to an excel sheet, making it even easier to access the answers your visiters have filled out.
  • Language detection FifthGear will now recognize the language of the user who is visiting the page. That way your users will see the website in their preferred language. This only applies to websites with multiple languages.
  • Auto generated sitemap.xml. The sitemap.xml file is now auto generated by FifthGear. It provides an easily accessible way for search engines to find out which pages it should index. If you currently have a sitemap.xml you manually maintain, you should remove that file before the auto generated sitemap will be available.
  • On top of this all some bugs that were reported since the last update have been resolved.

Version 2016.10

We've reengineered the Form element from the ground up to make creating and maintaining forms much easier.

  • New form interface. Build a form quick and easy.
  • Clear overview of form answers. Filled out forms are much easier to view and can also be sent to multiple email addresses.
  • Duplicate forms. Forms will now also be copied when you duplicate a page.

Version 2016.09

Duplicate pages. Save time setting up new pages by duplicating an existing page. The new page will get the same layout and most (if not all) of the content of the duplicated page. 

We'll copy the contents of all these elements:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Links
  • Map
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Blog list
  • Feedback Company
  • RSS Feed
  • Language selection
  • Sitemap

In a future update we'll also add duplication support to the Form element.

Besides this major improvement we've also made many adjustments under the hood. Such as solving a few annoying errors in the file manager and other system components.

Version 2016.08

  • Introducing FifthGear blogs. An advanced blogging platform which seamlessly integrates with your website.
  • Improved page management. We've moved the page settings out of their tabs and brought them together in a simpler overview.
  • Refreshed interface. FifthGear's interface now has a more modern style.